Music for Film

So you have a project such as an independent film, documentary, or a commercial spot in need of music. Here are some samples of selections from my own catalog.

30 seconds

Curiosity – Looking for something lighthearted, perky and up lifting. A short orchestrated piece ideal for a commercial spot with a good message.

45 Seconds

Drive – As the title implies this tune is fast paced with a solid rhythm section driving under layered synth lines

60 Seconds

On The Move – contains an acoustic accompaniment with soaring strings to build to a positive ending. Bass and drums add a moving part to the section throughout.

3 Minute (Full Length)

The 6th Sense – Mystic, evolving, a true journey to cerebral passages with acoustic piano leading the way to a through provoking piece.

Inside Job – A mission driven arrangement with a driving string section, elements of techno parts, and a touch rock/funk guitar. A good fit for an intense drama scene.