From your greatest joy to your deepest pain. Waiting for a loved one who never returns or meeting the love of a lifetime! These are just some of what influences the making of music I call “Cool and Smooth with a twist of Jazz!” Like some people, I have had good and not so good days but those ones that truly stay with me are full of music and adventure. I believe this gift of music that I have been blessed with and very grateful to have is a vehicle to a place of peace. Join me on a fantastic journey of sound!

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It’s been a blast working on this new album with guitarist/producer Nils and all the talented musicians who helped make this project so special! I am thrilled to share it with all of you! 

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“The title of the album reflects the fact that everything about the experience of making it is about the positive side of life. I’ve kind of gone outside the box, exploring different textures and rhythmic ideas to create a blended style.”

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CoffeTalk Jazz Interview

Bridgette Y. Lewis

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Cool and Smooth with a twist of Jazz!

Contemporary jazz artist, Composer, Educator, Arranger and Multi-instrumentalist Alvin Clayton Pope plays drums, guitar, alto/tenor sax, and piano as well as sings lead and background vocals. The music is danceable, cool, smooth jazz, and includes influences of Latin, Pop, Soul and is great with events for people from all walks of life. Full of funk and groove, it is music that gets you in a feel good mood!

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“The one thing about music is you never know where the journey will take you!” – Alvin often shares this thought with his students as a music educator. Alvin began as a drummer but found that he also enjoyed the sound and feel of other instruments. He now plays drums, guitar, alto/tenor sax, and piano as well as sings lead and background vocals on numerous works.

“As a child I’d hear a song and ask myself what is the composer trying to say? How can I get into their head as a listener?” Composition came early in the form of instrumentals and continued with ensemble works of various genres. Alvin now composes and arranges music for his own solo career, for other artists and for TV and Film.

Being a life long learner, Alvin ventured into audio engineering for live sound. While earning a Bachelor of Science Degree in Music Education, Alvin worked on acquiring knowledge in the field of recording by working with various independent artists in both commercial and non-commercial studios.

“People usually ask me what is my favorite style of music . . . I like many genres that stretch across numerous decades”. From classical to Jazz to Hip Hop and beyond, Alvin enjoys the arts forms as a listener and artist. Musically, he has performed Classical, Gospel, Rock, Pop, Country and Jazz. His influences include but are not limited to Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Quincy Jones, Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind and Fire and many more.